It is very easy to create chaos in our World, say only the word Islam and some limitation about it. Be careful and don´t spread it and you have throwed a snow ball increasing to a lot of opnions over the World.

These Penguins Word translate to English are: ” I have said that he can´t fly!” The other say:” but he doesn´t listen!”

People said:”You can´t say anything about spreading of islam or any critics about islam, it is dangerous!” But members of Islam can do a lot against christian people and it is allowed, why?
Donald Trump made like the Penguin, he try fly even if he can´t! Whats wrong to try? In Sweden complains to about dual citizenship, it is better people decide to citizenship in Sweden, you are a Swede, if you will or not, I have then heard that someone said to be somwhere else at a police intervention. It is Always a Swedish have erred, even if they have their roots in another country. I Think it would be better to tell the truth where you come from than the Swedes to be violated in these cases. The Swedes do enough bad themselves and should not have to be loaded with other nations´bad apples. Donald Trump try and it is not allowed, nobody can say anything about islam?